Larry-Boy the Soundtrack
Released July 13, 1999

Larry-Boy the Sountrack is a CD that was released on July 13, 1999. It was re-released in 2006 as Larry-Boy: The New Soundtrack


  1. Cordial Greeting from Alfred
  2. A Fib Falls/It's Laura's Fault
  3. The Search/It's Lenny's Fault
  4. The Fib Grows/The Water Tower
  5. Junior Tells The Truth!
  6. Look Who's Here To Help
  7. Bumblyburg Groove Remix
  8. Superhero Slim-Down Remix
  9. Thanks, But No Thanks
  10. Rumor Weed Introduction
  11. The Sead is Planted/the Rumor Spreads
  12. The Rumor Weed Song
  13. Larry-Boy to the Rescue
  14. The Sewer/Town Square
  15. The Confession/The Bloom
  16. It's the W's
  17. The Rumor Weed Song (performed by the W's)
  18. Ta-Ta!
  19. Larry-Boy Theme Song
  20. With Great Chocolate Comes Great Responsibility
  21. Trouble Is Afoot/Temptation Song
  22. The Goods Are Captured
  23. Apply's Funhouse/Larryboy Saves The Day!
  24. Rock on, Larryboy
  25. Journey To A Whole New World